La-Z-Boy Furniture

La-Z-Boy Furniture

Wind down and recharge in the pure comfort of our Andover.
Generously cushioned on the armrests, foot rest and back,
every moment is bliss in the Andover. Available in 3 sizes and each recliner feels like sitting in a cloud with ample padding everywhere the body touches.

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Andover Options
  Swivel Rocker Reclining Adjust Lumbar Adjust Headrest Leather Fabric Power Battery Single Motor Dual Motor
Lounge Suite

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Product Description

Product Dimensions

Type Seats Width Depth Height
Recliner 1 Seater 870 980 1055
Recliner Large 1 Seater 955 980 1120
Recliner Extra Large 1 Seater 990 1020 1180
Lounge Suite 2 Seater 1400 990 1055
Lounge Suite 3 Seater 1905 - 2135 980 1070

Warranty Details

Frame 10 Years
Foam 10 Years
Fabric 1 Year
Leather 3 Years
Manual Mechanical Lifetime
Electronic Mechanical 5 Years
Mechanical Lift 5 Years
Electronics 2 Years

Care Details

Leather Care

To ensure maximum life, and enjoyment, from your leather furniture it is vitally important to maintain it correctly. All leather products require regular maintenance, cleaning and nourishing. Vacuum your leather furniture at least fortnightly. This helps rid the furniture of dust and grit that can cause exaggerated wear of the top coat.

Wipe down the armrest and headrest fortnightly. Use a brand name leather wipe, or water that has been, preferably, boiled and cooled, applied to a soft white cloth. The armrest and headrest are the two areas most likely to accumulate body oils and acids as well as sweat.

It is important to never use harsh detergents or chemicals on leather furnishings. Always use gentle, but efficient water based solutions.

Cleaning removes everyday dirt and stains, body oils and acids, and maintains its appearance. Nourishing helps protect the leather top coat from the natural oils, grime and perspiration that is collected with everyday use. It also assists in keeping the leather feeling soft and supple. We recommend that you clean and nourish your leather between 2 and 4 times per year. A simple way to remember is: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. When cleaning, pay particular attention to the headrest and armrest areas. Please contact your local Roth Newton to find out about our leather after care program.

Fabric Care

Vacuum your fabric furniture regularly. If you allow dust and grit to sit on the fabric it allows friction wear which can lead to a more rapid deterioration of the fabric condition and appearance. If possible, rotate your back and seat cushions, as well as alternating your own seating position. This will allow a more even wear on the fabric and foam.

If a spill, or a stain, happens attend to it immediate which will make the cleaning easier and prevent the stain from “setting in”. Clean up spills as quickly as possible using a clean dry cloth and never rubbing the fabric to clean it. Use a clean white cloth and use a dab, twist action to clean. Rubbing can damage fabric.

Always use a fabric cleaner supplied by the furniture store you purchased from and not a general purpose cleaner that may have harsh chemicals in it that could cause damage to your furniture. Be sure to test cleaners in an inconspicuous area such as the back of the sofa to check for colour fastness and always refer to manufacturers care label and instructions.

Fabric Protection is highly recommended as it prevents spills from penetrating the fabric and spills will “bead up” on most fabrics. It prevents soiling from penetrating the fabric and makes cleaning much easier and also helps to prevent friction wear on the fabric. . Please contact your local Roth Newton to find out about our fabric after care program.

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